Copywriting Tricks to Skyrocket Your Business


Copywriting is essential to boost any kind of business. This is mainly because in this kind of strategy, you are not merely selling your product or service; you are building an audience base that will sooner or later be converted into customers.

But how do you transition your audience into loyal clients using your sales copy? Well, you should first realize that making them read your pitch is already a means of feeding them the necessary information to convert them into customers.

If you are to dabble into persuasive copywriting to skyrocket your business, then here are some tricks that you may want to use:

1. Make your readers feel.

What makes your target market cringe? What makes them feel restless or anxious? What makes them feel safe and secure? If you happen to know the answers to these questions, then you may as well use them to strike emotions upon your readers, so that that they make decisions to address them right away.

When your readers feel something from your sales pitch, this makes them think and act fast. They wouldn’t want to take time because they want to respond to this feeling and make it go away at the soonest possible time. You not only shake them up but also give them a sense of urgency, which is essential when you intend to turn them into customers.

2.Project their investment to be a bargain but totally valuable.

When you are promoting a paid offer, you don’t want to tell your readers outright that they are going to pay this much, no matter how small the amount is. While your readers need to know that they have to spend on your offer, you can project in such a way that their payment is relatively small compared to what they are getting in return.

Telling them that they have to pay “a small $5 fee” already presents a big difference than that of “a $5 fee.” Emphasizing that the $5 fee is just a small payment makes your audience feel like they are getting more than the said amount, in contrast to the point blank $5 that does not say anything about the value they are going to receive.

3. Sell the value in time.

Price cuts and discounts are common marketing, but they do not always work. This is because while indeed people will spend less, they are not guaranteed to get the quality from their cheap purchase. And people are more compelled to spend more when they know what the product they are buying is not only of quality make, but will also last for a long time.

In persuasive copywriting, you need to make your reader realize that they are making a long-term investment when they buy a $100 pair of sneakers that will last them for several years, rather than a pair of cheap $20 sneakers that will only last for six months.

4. Talk to your audience.

Lastly, audiences are persuaded when they feel like you are talking to them directly. Hence, craft your pitch as if you are talking only to one person. Make your copy sound more personal and sincere, and bring out the pain and emotion they feel on an individual level. With this air of sincerity present, the more enamoured your audience becomes towards your brand and business.


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