Azure Orders

Mid-Columbia Market members can place Azure orders by sending their order to each week by Saturday night. Orders will arrive at the market for pick up on Wednesday mornings. Visit their website at Azure Standard Quality Bulk & Natural Foods.

Mid-Columbia Market Egg Program

Interested in purchasing eggs through our egg program? Bring your own plastic egg carton* and save money on your eggs! Only $6.00/dozen!

*The Department of Agriculture requires that the eggs purchased from the Mid-Columbia Market as part of the egg program be placed into a plastic container provided by the customer.  Unfortunately, the plastic egg cartons we used to carry for purchase by the egg program customers have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  But never fear – we will continue to offer our egg program to our customers!  You can still purchase eggs on the egg program as long as you bring in a plastic container for them.  If you don’t already have such a container, you can find plastic egg containers at Amazon or at camping supply stores. For more information, email us at

Request a New Item

Do you have an idea for a new item at the Market? Let us know! Simply fill out the New Item Request Form! We cannot make any guarantees, but we love your suggestions and diligently follow up on requests.


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