We are a cooperative focused on supporting Mid-Columbia farmers, producers, and small businesses. The Market operates a member owned and volunteer run retail store, where you can buy directly from your local producers throughout the year.

Membership is not required to shop here, but it offers many benefits including special vendor offers and discounts.  Most importantly it helps support our community and gives you a voice in building the future of food production, delivery, and availability for everyone.


The Market is a self-governing, member-owned entity. Our bylaws can be found in the Membership Packet. We are comprised of members (learn how to become a member), and an elected Board of Directors:

  • Rik Smith (President)
  • Trent Rucker (Treasurer)
  • Sandra Rosenau (Secretary)
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Yvonne Rettell
  • Dan Stowens
  • Jack Dorian
  • Katlin Hanson
  • Steve Minard
  • René Whitehurst

What are food co-ops and hubs?

Co-Op Principles

A food co-op is a food distribution outlet organized as a cooperative. Due-paying members make the decisions about how the co-op is run. Become a member today!

A food hub centralizes the business management structure to facilitate the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution, and marketing of locally/regionally produced food products. Simply put, a food hub allows farmers to more easily distribute their goods to the community.


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