What’s a Poke Bowl?

o-POKE-BOWL-570Are you looking to spice up your lunch routine with delicious and fresh ingredients? The Mid-Columbia Market at the Hub offers fresh, house-made poke bowls every Thursday over lunch time!

Poke bowls are a tasty Hawaiian delicacy made with marinated fish and tasty vegetables, served with rice. If you love sushi, you’ll love poke bowls! Our tasty combination of perfectly seasoned tuna, arugula, cilantro, avocado, masago, and rice are the perfect healthy lunch option for you and your friends! You can customize your bowl with your preference of sauces and spiciness. Gather a group of colleagues for a weekly lunch trip, or simply enjoy a treat away from home. Kids love poke bowls, too!



Meet Your Poke Bowl Expert!

Our local station KEPR recently interviewed volunteer-extraordinaire and Poke Bowl-aficionado Lisa Nelson about Poke Bowl Thursdays at the Mid-Columbia Market. See the full interview here!


Poke Bowl Details

When: 12-2 pm, every Thursday. Next up: Thursday, April 14.

Where: At the Mid-Columbia Market at the Hub in Richland, WA.

Cost: This health- and flavor-packed treat is only $7.99 and made fresh!


Still looking for more information about Poke Bowls? Read more here.

Poke Bowl Thursdays